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Handmade in Kenya


Suppliers are our family

Penny Winter is self-funded and has operating in Kenya for over 20 years. 100% of our artisans receive regular training as well as financial and business coaching.

We run 6 workshops with 80 artisans who create world class luxury products that compete favourably in global markets.

Our workshops promote gender equality: 50% of our artisans are women. We source and craft using high quality fabrics, and materials such as cow horn, brass, rubies and fine stones.

Each piece produced at Penny Winter Studio is entirely handcrafted in Kenya by skilled artisans based in and out of Nairobi.



Artisan’s Stories

I have worked with Penny for 19 years in the fashion industry particularly making wedding dresses and men’s wear. My skills have greatly improved and I am proud of the work I make. Penny has helped me achieve my goals.


I started working with Penny in 2012  and it has really transformed my life. It has been a pleasure to work as an artisan to develop my skills working with silver, brass, horn and stones to make a range of jewellery. I can consistently pay my rent, school fees for my kids, pay bills as well as give a little back to the community.

Sylvester Ochieng Achayo

I have worked with Penny for about 10 years. During this time I have advanced myself and those around me. I have trained many people some of whom have opened their own workshops to continue to do stone setting and making chains. I look forward to continue working with Penny.

                                                              Alex Muli

For the past seven years,I have worked with Penny as an artisan. My main focus is brass casting and chain making. This work has transformed my life and those of the people I train and supervise. I am able to provide for my family.