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Penny Winter Studio is a creative resource for designers, brands and individuals seeking unique jewellery manufacturing solutions.

We provide sustainable solutions for the design and production of the finest handmade horn jewellery in East Africa.


Bespoke Accessories

We utilise the superior craftsmanship of local Kenyan artisans, and single-source the finest raw materials from around East Africa.

Supporting livelihoods is Kenya is a core part of our business.


Handmade in Kenya

Each piece produced at Penny Winter Studio is entirely handcrafted in Kenya by skilled artisans based in and out of Nairobi, the capital city.

Our pieces regularly feature re-purposed horn, semi precious gemstones, bronze, silver and other materials indigenous to East Africa.


By Penny Winter

Since moving to Africa in 1997, Penny has established a creative hub in central Nairobi out of which her design studio produces unique pieces using native materials and crafts for export globally.

Her jewellery has been sold in department stores like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, and her pieces have been spotted on the likes of Michelle Obama, Cameron Diaz and Viola Davis, among others.