Irish-born Penny fell in love with Kenya’s authentic nature
and settled in the country in 1997. 


Originally a costume maker for film and theatre, Penny has worked in The Royal Opera House, The Royal Shakespeare Company and on Hollywood movies including The Constant Gardener and The Last King of Scotland. Her love of bringing together different, often unassuming items, such as cow horn, rough stones, brass, silver, rubies and other gems led her to set up her own business in Kenya.

Penny envisioned turning beautiful, raw African materials into pieces worth wearing. The Penny Winter sources all materials independently. Penny is often to be found bumping along the dusty back streets of Nairobi on her mountain bike looking for unusual objects, or working alongside the Kikuyu horn carvers and Kamba stone setters who help her achieve her striking accessories. Many hands pull together to create one of-a-kind items that are as unique as the materials that they are made from. The journey of creating each piece is as beautiful as the finished article.

Since its initial launch in 1997, the Penny Winter business has grown into two separate entities- The Penny Winter Studio, which collaborates with other designers and organisations, and Penny’s Personal Collection, where she allows her creativity to run free. Both feature rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and earrings. Fans of her pieces include Michelle Obama, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Gwyneth Paltrow and Helena Christensen who have all been snapped in Penny Winter wares.



We only work with the best local artisans.

 We impact over 100 Kenyans who take great pride in producing the Penny Winter designs that are sold in top stores around the world. Our studio works closely with various teams, whether it be a horn workshop in rural Kenya, or a bead workshop in downtown Nairobi. We take most pride in the fact we have, through relentless efforts, managed to instill in our teams the disciplined work ethic it takes to produce quality African products that rival the best of the best. 


Supporting Kenyan Livelihoods


Our studio helps to generate employment. Our workshops create work for artisans skilled in beautiful ancient crafts such as horn carving and stone setting. By buying a piece from the Penny Winter Studio, you will not only own something beautiful, but be helping to support the livelihoods of over 100 wives, mothers, fathers and children in Kenya.



The Penny Winter team is made up of a passionate group of individuals that take pride in the work they do. Together, they work hard to ensure that all aspects of the business run smoothly, and most importantly they have fun doing it!